Les Petites Ambitieuses is a French petite fashion brand. We bring to life high-end pieces of clothing that empower short women.

We use quality fabrics that we source from those who provide the finest luxury homes. We make sure the process is as ethical as possible. Each piece is then produced in highly qualified French workshops.

Petite, we think it’s high time we reveal your inner beauty!

logo Les Petites Ambitieuses
des coupes qui allongent la silhouette

Our Philosophy

Did you know? We use, on average, only 1/3 of our wardrobe. It means that more than half of our closet will end up in the dump without even having served.

That’s why we put a lot of energy into creating clothes that you will WANT to wear and that will last in time. We create timeless, sleek, minimalist pieces that you can easily mix and match with the clothes you already have at home. For a design to be approved, it must be able to be worn in at least two different ways.

And because we spend five days a week at work, we pay attention to the fact that the clothes need to be suitable for both professional and personal use. And we know that when we love a garment, we want to be able to wear it every day and for as long as possible.

Les Petites

Accessible Luxury

We create timeless and high end pieces of clothing for Petite women. Every item is made from a luxurious fabric, also used by top Fashion designers. All the fabrics are woven with love by French Weavers.

Our highly skilled Parisian atelier assembles all the pieces with care and attention so that it’s as comfortable as pleasing for the eyes. We make sure that the seams are strong and perfectly made so that you feel like the best version of yourself in them.

Excellence is not an act. It is an habit. Enjoy the pleasure of a luxury item (but with a reasonable price).

Stylish and Self-Confident Petite women

We do not have the chance to make a good first impression twice. And when you measure less than 5’3, having outfits that help you to come out strong, beautiful and showcased can really make a difference.

We don’t only cut the clothes shorter. We try to create garments that lengthen, refine while having some volume. In fact, every detail is thought and conceived to make you look even more beautiful, thinner and taller.

"Dress Shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman."

Coco Chanel

des pièces intemporelles et minimalistes chic

Inclusive Fashion

Whether you are thin or curvy, whether you are black, yellow, or white, it does not matter to us. We believe that beauty is not defined by the number you wear, your skin color, or your height.

True beauty comes from the heart. And it’s our job to make sure that your outfit reveals the beauty of your soul!

Also, we made a point of honor to go from size 32 to 42 (French sizes). In the future, we want to provide more sizes and offer true inclusive fashion. Will you help us get there?

accessible luxury
logo Les Petites Ambitieuses

Slowfashion = Ethics + Aesthetics

The small seeds we sow today will make the big trees of tomorrow.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. And in the face of the noticeable decline of our environment, we can not remain indifferent. We are not perfect. Fashion is a nebulous sphere. But we do our best to act in the most ethical way possible, be it as a creator, producer, company, or a human being.

And we believe we do a little better each passing day.

Made in France

Choix du made in france

Our collections are made with care and ability by French highly qualified workshops that have years of experience in fashion. They have worked for the most prominent luxury and fashion brands and have the know-how to make pieces that will last.

By choosing Made in France, we also ensure that production is done in decent working conditions and that employees are paid and treated correctly. Every time we go to the workshops, and we see the smiles of artisans, we know that we have made the right choice for them, but for you too.

Quality Fabrics

laine francaise ecologique durable

We believe that the more you can wear and use a piece of clothing, the least chance a garment will go into the trash. To do so, the materials used must be of quality!

That’s why we spend a lot of time chasing the best fabrics for our collections. Moreover, when we have the choice between a French and a foreign fabric, we favor the one that will be the most ecological.

And more...

packaging écologique

When we tell you about sustainable development, we don’t do it to greenwash you. We do take measures to move forward a more ethical and ecological process.

Sustainable development is part of our DNA, and we are continually looking for other ways to go further.