When we say that we are committed to sustainable development, these are not words in the air. We are not perfect. But, we are doing our best to go one step further each day to become an even greener, more ethical and responsible company.

Will you help us move into that direction?

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Ethical Workshops

We work only with workshops that respect the fundamental rights of workers and that are able to provide decent working conditions for their employees.

Fair wages, reasonable hours, safe and healthy places, happy workers are our sine qua non conditions.

timeless pieces of clothing

Timeless pieces that last

We assume that a garment you wear and that you will like to wear for a long time is one less garment in garbage dumps.

That’s why we work a lot on the style of the pieces so that they are timeless.

mutton and wool

Quality Fabrics

We use quality materials that will last over time. And when the design allows it, we make a point of honor to have use as much natural fibers as possible in our fabrics.

They are eco-friendly, comfortable to wear and durable.


Soft for the environment

Our labels are certified oeko-tex, standard 100. Our cotton comes from organic farming. The wool of our coat is natural.

What is good for your skin is gentle on the environment as well.

French weaver


By sourcing our materials and fabrics nearby, in France, we encourage the local economy and reduce the impact of freight transportation.

A little less greenhouse gas in the air can only do us good, do not you think?

packaging écologique

Ecological Packaging

For the packaging and shipping of your clothes, we prefer ecological packaging that can be reused or recycled. 

Whether it’s our tote bags or our delivery boxes, you have the means to give them a second life.

logo Les Petites Ambitieuses
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It starts with us

Before preaching the good word elsewhere, we begin by applying our commitments within our company and our processes.

At Les Petites Ambitieuses, we believe that by treating people well, we can build a virtuous business. It means putting in place an understanding, humane and caring management. With us, you have the right to make mistakes (not too often though!) And you have the right to challenge us, especially when it comes to sustainable development and the well-being of clients.

Happiness calls happiness. When we are happy, we want to make others happy. This is the belief we have.

In the same way, the satisfaction of our customers is key to us. Because it is thanks to these people that we can do what we are doing now.

Fashion is an industry. But it’s also a human story, and the industry may tend to forget it too often. Also, we want to put the human in the heart of everything.

It starts with the people around us and the partners around us. Finally, there is you.

Word of a human!

"Who takes, commits and who commits, assumes."