Petite Friendly Clothes

Petite-Friendly Clothes for Petite Women and Girls

We create Petite-friendly timeless and ethical clothes for short and ambitious women. Our pieces of clothing are designed to make you look taller and stunning while bringing you extra-comfort.

They are investment pieces that will last and will make your wardrobe more efficient so you can focus on your dreams.

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      Anna, Petite black pencil skirt
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      • Anna, Petite black pencil skirt
      • 245.00  165.00 
      • Anna is a high-waisted pencil skirt that will highlight your legs and lengthen your figure. Made of wool flannel, it will help you stay warm for the winter, whether you decide to wear it in the office or at a party with friends or lovers.   Petite friendly skirt French…
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      Artémis, Petite pleated muslin dress
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      • Artémis, Petite pleated muslin dress
      • 365.00  260.00 
      • Artemis is a straight and fluid dress designed to highlight Petite women with generous curves. The crepe and the pleated muslin of the dress perfectly follow the feminine forms. In addition to that, the belt that comes with the dress helps to emphasize the waistline.   Petite friendly dress French…
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      Audacia, Petite Black flared sleeved top
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      • Audacia, Petite Black flared sleeved top
      • 140.00  112.00 
      • Audacia is an elegant top designed to embellish short torsos. Its cleavage, sleeves and length have been designed for the comfort of Petite body frames. Created at the same time as the Artemis dress, you can also slip it easily under the dress.   Petite-Friendly piece of clothing French high-end…
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      Audacia, Petite Red flared sleeved top
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      • Audacia, Petite Red flared sleeved top
      • 150.00  120.00 
      • Audacia is an elegant petite-friendly top designed to sublimate short torsos. It is long enough to fit easily under pants or a skirt. However, it is short enough to re-balance the proportions of a petite woman and give the impression of longer legs. The red version presented here is bright…
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      Lumi, Petite Reversible dress
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      • Lumi, Petite Reversible dress
      • 395.00  275.00 
      • The Lumi dress is not your classic little black dress. Indeed, it is not 1 dress but several dresses in one. And of course, she was designed to perfectly fit and highlight Petite women.   Petite friendly dress French high end fabrics Made in France   WE FALL FOR :…