Les Petites Ambitieuses is more than a mere clothing brand. It’s a new way of thinking, of living, of acting. We have strong values and we breathe, live and swear by them.

Will you be one of us?

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Your size doesn't define you

It does not matter if you are 5′ or 6′ tall, whether you wear a size 4 or 12. All these are just numbers and numbers that do not matter. Body shaming, minçophobia, grossophobia, and misogyny have no place here.

What matters to us is who you are and what you want to do.

And that’s where we intervene. Our job is to reveal your beauty so that you are as beautiful outside as you are inside. You don’t have to adapt yourself to the garment. It’s the garment that needs to fit you!

And with many years of experimentation behind us, we became”Masters” when it comes to making Petite body type look awesome. Believe us. We know what to do.

Haro on limiting beliefs

Does the word “Petite” evoke a negative emotion in you?

If the answer yes or maybe, then let us stop you right away: there is nothing wrong with being Petite. Size should never be a reason for you to feel bad. Many extraordinary women are actually Petite. Take Shakira, Ariana Grande, or Emilia Clarke if you need an example. All have one thing in common: they measure less than 5’3.

And maybe you did not know it yet?

Petite = Surprising, astonishing, mysterious, beautiful, audacious … Ambitious?

"Dynamite also comes in small packages !"

beauty is not a matter of size
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SlowFashion : Sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly

Les Petites Ambitieuses is a brand committed to the human, the ethical, and the environment. We only have one planet, and we want to preserve it.

Sustainable development is not a trend. It’s a real need, and it’s everyone’s business. We take it very seriously. That’s why we favor local sourcing and production. We are continually looking for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint.


Quality over quantity

It is better to have 1 beautiful diamond than 100 worthless zircons.

When faced with a choice, we remember that it is always better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Quality makes you stand out and brings you much more pleasure than a mountain of worthless things. It’s a principle that we try to apply to everything we do.

We do it on the purchases we make for the brand, in our daily lives as women, in every decisions we have to make.

It is also one of the reasons why we only focus on a few designs per collection. We want to create diamonds that will emerge in a sea of ​​zircons.

And because you are worth a shower of diamonds!


Happiness is highly contagious. Let's not wait to spread it!