Les Petites Ambitieuses is a Made in France fashion brand. We create and design timeless fashion pieces from our Parisian offices. The quality fabrics come mostly from France, and French highly qualified workshops work skillfully on bringing the designs to life.

Come with us to discover the art of French fashion in the way only French can do.

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Haute-Couture know-how

The workshops with which we collaborate have a long experience in the world of fashion. They have worked for the most significant luxury and fashion houses and have real know-how when it comes to developing exceptional pieces.

From button to seams, they help us elevate each of our models to make you shine.

haute couture

Luxurious Fabrics

Our materials are created with love by French houses and artisans who are passionate about fibers.

They could talk to you about fabrics and weaving methods nonstop every day. On top of that, they spend their time looking for ways to improve their fabric to make it even softer, more original, and more durable.

When you are draped in those fabrics, you feel like the most elegant woman in the world.

French weaver

Absolute Comfort

With our craftsmen and our workshops, we study everything that can improve your comfort. Whether it is the softness of the fabric or the location of the seams, everything is designed so that you feel really comfortable in your clothes.

When the inside is as beautiful and well done as the outside, you can feel it immediately!

Soft lining, passion coat Les Petites ambitieuses

Fair Work Conditions

We guarantee that our clothes are made under ethical conditions. By that, we mean that employees have decent workplaces, reasonable work hours, a fair living wage, but also the right to be sick or go on vacation. We often visit the workshops who work with us and make sure that everything complies with the ethical codes.

It comes at a price. But, we believe it’s a fair price. We don’t take advantage of the misery of the world, nor do we exploit children. We like our clothes to be clean, in every sense of the word.

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A lower environmental impact

By choosing proximity, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation of goods. Our pieces will not have been around the world before landing on our shelves. If they do, it’s because you take them traveling!

Besides, we are always thinking of new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

French thermo-adhesive

Preserving traditional Know-how

France has a long history in terms of producing fabrics and threads. In France, we have skills and techniques that can’t be found anywhere else.

With Les Petites Ambitieuses, we want to bring you the best of Fashion.

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The Art of French Quality

produire à la francaise
made in france les petites ambitieuses
fashion design

Fashion Design

Fashion design of our collections is made in our Parisian offices.

french sheeps

The Sheeps

The fleece used to weave wool is also French. It comes from the provinces of Ile de France, Arles or Aure and Campan. Rest assured: the sheep is doing well and has been well treated while mowing!

wool weaving

Wool Weaving

The weaving of woolen yarns obtained from the fleece of French sheep is done in the tarn at Payrin-Augmontel not far from Mazamet. This is where Eric Carlier, our weaver, set up his workshops, twenty years ago.



The other fabrics, flannel of wool, crepe, muslin and delicate linings, which compose our pieces are created by the house Belinac whose factories are near Saint-Étienne.

golden jewels

Golden jewels

The jewelry adorning the clothes is designed by a French company specialized in clothing accessories. They have factories in France but unfortunately do not have the competence for metal in their French factories. They are therefore produced in their factories in Italy but the engineering is done between Paris and Italy.

thermo adhesive

Thermo Adhesive

The thermo-adhesive, it is this material invisible to the eye which structures and gives all its elegance to a garment. Ours comes from Lainières de Picardie, from their factories in Péronne.



The knitting of t-shirts is done in factories located in the region of Lille and Saint-Etienne.



The pieces are all sewn with love in our Parisian workshops. They handle the thread and the needle like nobody and do it with the smile and the passion of the trade!

"Excellence is not an act. It's an habit."