Lumi, Petite Reversible dress

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The Lumi dress is not your classic little black dress. Indeed, it is not 1 dress but several dresses in one. And of course, she was designed to perfectly fit and highlight Petite women.


Petite friendly dressFrench high end fabricsMade in France



  • Its reversibility : black to be elegant, professional or casual anytime, red for the bold and audacious you
  • The low and elegant back of the dress for a glamorous look. And it will preserve the intimacy of your bra.
  • The beautiful embroidery made in a pearl color
  • The boat neck that lengthen the silhouette
  • The A-linedesign that flatters any body type
  • The 2 belts that multiply the number of outfits you can make with this dress

Caroline is 5’2 tall and wears a size 34.

Fabrics : 60% wool – 40% polyester


Photo credits: Éric Armet / Mike Masamba



Designed for Petite women

Lumi was designed to flatter and enhance the features of Petite body type.

We adjusted all lengths and measurements so that it’s as comfortable as elegant for a petite woman.

On top of that, its A-line design is well suited for A, X, H or O body types.

robe les petites ambitieuses lumi
robe réversible pour femmes petites

Reversible : stylish and pragmatic

The Lumi Dress is 2 dresses in 1. It is black on one side and red on the other.

Need a black dress to go to work or to a social evening? Wear it on the black side. Do feel like wearing something more joyful? Go for the red side.

The best part: you can change your look in 10 seconds, without having to go home to do it!

Another bonus is that if you make a stain on your dress, you just have to wear your dress on the other side. No one will know !

2 belts for a larger array of looks

This petite-friendly reversible dress comes with 2 belts: a black one and a red one.

With the 2 belts and the reversibility of the dress, you can create many different looks. You can wear it in babydoll mode, hi-hat, princess mode, without belt, red side or black side. It’s up to you to put your creativity to work.

La robe lumi et ses ceintures
robe lumi Les Petites Ambitieuses

My name is Lumi

Lumi is, in fact, the contraction of the French word “Lumière”. 

In life, sometimes you have to keep up appearances and appear in a certain way. It’s not always easy to feel different. However, that doesn’t mean that inside you have to conform to everything. This dress is a bit of a reflection of that thought.

Black on the outside to be a master key but red on the inside to remind you that you have this force within you and that you can bring it back at any time.

sketches of lumi

Lumi-nously YOU

Devil is in the details

Boat Neckline

The Lumi dress has a boat neck that allows you to lengthen your silhouette and give the illusion that you are taller than you actually are.
la robe lumi et son col bateau
dos échancré de la robe lumi

low back

This low back adds a little something to make you look more feminine and sexy. But rest assured: because this V-back has been studied to keep the back bands of the bra secret, you won’t have to worry about which bra you need to wear in the morning.

Embroidered on the black side

Our emblem flower is delicately embroidered on the back of the dress on the black side.

This flower, symbol of ambition and self-confidence, is there to remind you to always believe in yourself and the beauty of your soul.

Golden jewel for the red belt

A small golden jewel adorns the red belt of the Lumi dress. It is composed of Zamac, a metal resistant over time and to water.

Our emblem flower, a symbol of self-confidence and ambition, is stamped on it.

Chest darts

Couture darts provide space and comfort to your chest and add a discreet touch of elegance to the dress.
détails de la robe lumi
Finitions haut de gamme

High end seams

The Lumi dress is a dress sewn into a sheath, a Haute Couture technique that makes the assembly seams invisible no matter which side you wear.

Small, invisible tone-on-tone ribbed seams complete the dress and allow it to stay flawless over time.


A quality French wool

This lumi dress is composed of two fine wools woven in central France

They contain a little polyester so that the dress is not wrinkled and for its structure.


Made in France

Lumi is a reversible dress, sewn into a sheath. It is a sophisticated technique used in haute couture. 

It is thanks to the many years of experience of our Parisian partner workshops that Lumi was able to see the light of day.

What Size should I pick ?

To find the ideal size for you, refer to the table below. Basically rely on your chest measurement. Lumi is a trapeze dress. So, it will not feel tight around the hips. Most women either take their usual size. When they take a size below, it is when they are thinner at the top than at the bottom.

Size guide

Tour de poitrine
(En cm)
77 - 8081 - 8485 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 - 100
robe noire avec ceinture

Chloé is 4’11 and wears a size 34.

robe noire réversible

Nousseima is 5’2. Her measures are 83-66-92 and she wears a size 34.

fashionable after 60

Véronique is 5’2. She wears a size 36, one size below her usual size.

fashion after 40

Carmise is 5’1- 5’2 and wears her usual size 40.

Care instructions

Take care of me and I will take care of you

Make your Lumi dress last longer by washing it in cold water or at 30 degrees maximum in a washing net. 

Avoid the dryer as much as possible. As the wool contains a little polyester for the holding and the structure of the dress, Lumi creases little. Also, you can leave it to dry quietly in the open air on a hanger or on a drying rack.

robe lumi côté rouge

Many Thanks to :

Mike Masamba, Éric and Alister TV, our photographers and to our petite fashion models :
Caroline, Nousseima, Véronique (Verimage), Chloé and Carmise

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