Belle, the Petite Maxi dress

Who said Petite women should not wear maxi dresses?
They actually look good on Petite body types when designed correctly. So if you are Petite and looking for a beautiful maxi-dress in which you would look stunning, subscribe to our alert so that you don’t miss our pre-launch phase.


For many people, wearing a maxi dress when you are Petite is a “no-no”, a fashion “Faux pas”. And they are not totally wrong.

robe trop longue

More than often, the dress is way too long and you end up tripping on it. Not only does it make the walk tricky but it also makes the dress dirty and not presentable.


Volumes are not adapted for Petite body types and tend to amplify the figure, making it look smaller than it usually is.

vêtements trop grands

The dress is usually not cinched in the right place and the waistline is badly defined. In addition to that, the neckline or the sleeve holes are often way too large.

tissus de mauvaise qualité

Fabric quality is poor and the dress doen’t then last more than a season.

However, we truly believe that Maxi dresses are a great piece of clothing that can make Petite women look taller if it is well designed. That’s why we started working on our version of the perfect Petite-friendly maxi dress.

Why our Petite-friendly maxi dress is the best?

3 different dress lengths

Because we know that each centimeter matters when you are Petite, we are offering the dress in 3 different lengths so that you can really pick the one with the perfect length for you.

3 longueurs de jambes
repenser les volumes de la robe longue petite

Rethink Volumes

Designing the perfect Maxi dress for short women is not just a matter of lengths. All the volumes and the measurements are taken into account so that you can feel like the most beautiful woman in the world when you are wearing it.

A timeless dress

When you want the perfect dress, you want to keep it as long as possible. That’s why we pick the best fabrics and a timeless design so that the dress can accompany you to your dreams today but also tomorrow.

intemporelle robe

Fabrics and colors

Organic Cotton, GOTS-certified and woven in France

Belle will be composed of a beautiful and soft Chambray Organic cotton. This fabric is ethically woven in France with love. It is GOTS-certified, which is one of the highest label in terms of sustainability. Last but not least, the fabric will become softer and softer with time.

coton biologique
couleurs de la robe longue petite

How about a splash of vibrant colors ?

We’d love to make Belle available in several colors. However, we have a hard time deciding in which colors.
Quickly subscribe to our alert to help us pick the right ones.
All colors are obtained through safe, plant based dyes that follows the rules of the GOTS certification.

Available sizes

The dress will be available from size 32 (30 if we have some requests) to 42.

Made in France and Pre-order

The Pre-order for a zero-waste quality fashion

In today’s world, we produce massively and waste a lot of natural ressources and raw materials. But, at Les Petites Ambitieuses, we believe that a greener fashion is possible.

Une planète plus verte et heureuse
Femmes petites et heureuses

The perks of pre-ordering

With the pre-order system, we only produce the sizes and the clothes you really need and just a little more in case you need to echange the piece of clothing. That way, we don’t over-produce and we can really use the money in the departments we believe are the most important for you: fabric quality, R&D and client services.

How does it work?

We are currently working on the prototypes with our patterners and our seamstresses. You’ll be updated as soon as they are ready so that you can give us your opinions on the last details. Feel free to subscribe to the alert so that you can get updated and notified when the pre-launch (and the early bird price) starts.

Shipping and returns

We ship worldwide.

The size isn’t right? You’ll be able to easily return and exchange the dress if we still have your size. Otherwise, you will be refunded.