Artémis, Petite pleated muslin dress

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Artemis is a straight and fluid dress designed to highlight Petite women with generous curves. The crepe and the pleated muslin of the dress perfectly follow the feminine forms. In addition to that, the belt that comes with the dress helps to emphasize the waistline.


Petite friendly dressFrench high end fabricsMade in France




Designed for Petite and Curvy women

Being Petite does not necessarily mean being thin and we know that finding great pieces of clothing is a bigger challenge for these women.
As a matter of fact, fashion brands tend to believe that a person who wears a size L or XL is also tall.

That’s why we wanted to work on a fluid dress that would highlight petite bodies with generous curves. And that’s how Artemis was born!

Note that it looks also great on Petite women who are thin thanks to the black belt that accompanies it.

a dress made for Petite and curvy woman
dress artemis mature fashion

Perfect Length for Short women

When your measure less than 1m63, beautiful dresses are often too short or too long.

With Artémis, no worries on this side. The length has been worked to fit women measuring between 1.49m and 1.63m.

Timeless and Versatile

The Artémis dress comes with a beautiful and long belt . Also, you can wear Artemis in many ways. With or without a belt, in a babydoll or Charleston style, it’s up to you!
la robe Artémis, intemporelle et multi-tenues
dress artemis

May Artemis be with you !

Devil is in the Details

décolleté en U

U-Shaped and Petite-Friendly Neckline

The Artémis neckline has been designed to highlight generous breasts while being adapted to the bust of Petites.

Golden Jewel

The black belt of Artemis is adorned with a small golden jewel engraved with our emblem flower, a symbol of ambition and self-confidence.

It is made of zamak, a quality metal that is water resistant and was designed and manufactured by a French company specializing in clothing accessories.

Ceinture bijou d'Artémis
artemis, pleated blue muslin dress

High End Seams

When the inside is as beautiful as the outside, it shows and you can feel it.

Also, the Artémis dress has English stitching finishes to make it perfect on all points.

Finally, the bottom of the muslin has been rolled up in the same way as for silk scarves.


French Pleated Royal Muslin

This pleated royal muslin is made of a soft and silky navy blue polyester.

It has been woven and pleated with skills by weaverslocated in central France. Few are those able to make such an exceptional pleat and we are lucky to be able to use this fabric for the Artemis dress.

This dress is lined with a beautiful and soft black polyester crepe which gives extra-depth to the delicate muslin.

Mousseline plissée royale
production of Artemis

Ethically Made in France

It took a lot of skills and delicacy to handle and assemble this dress to release all its glamour.

That’s why we entrusted the confection to Parisian partner workshops with years of experience in fashion and haute couture. Your Artemis was made with high end skills, smiles and love !

what size should you pick ?

You can refer to the following table to define the size that best suits you. In general, the women were well in their size or the one below. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller one.

Size Guide

(in inch)
30.3' - 31.5'31.9' - 33.1'33.5' - 34.6'35.1' - 36.2'36.6' - 37.8'38.2' - 39.4'
(In inch)
23.2' - 24.4'24.8' - 25.9'26.4' - 27.6'27.0' - 29.1'29.5' - 30.7'31.1' - 32.2'
(In inch)
33.5' - 34.6'35.1' - 36.2'36.6' - 37.8'38.2' - 39.4'39.7' - 40.9'41.3' - 42.6'
(In cm)
59 - 6263 - 6667 - 7071 - 7475 - 7879 - 82
(In cm)
85 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 - 100101 - 104105 -108
Artemis worn by a thin woman

Rebecca is 158 cm tall. Her measurements are 87 – 71 – 93 cm.

She is wearing a size 36 in the photo.

Artemis worn by a 60 year old women

Véronique is 160 cm tall. She usually wears a size 38 but felt very comfortable in a size 36.

Petite midnight blue pleated dress
Aretha is 159 cm tall. She is wearing a size 40, which is her usual size.
Petite midnight blue pleated dress
Carmise is 159 cm tall. She is wearing a size 40, which is her usual size.

Care Instructions

I'm in your care

To preserve the beauty of this Artemis dress, we recommend washing it gently with cold water or at 30 degrees maximum. If you use a washing machine, remember to put the dress in a washing net.

Avoid the dryer, which can damage the fabrics and deform it. Artemis is a dress that dries well in the open air. You can simply dry it on a drying rack or with the help of a hanger.

If you take good care of her, she can be with you for years.

Many Thanks to :

Mike Masamba, Alister TV, our photographers and to our Petite Fashion models:
Aretha, Carmise, Véronique (Verimage), Rebecca and Laura.

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