Passion, A Petite 100% wool winter coat Made in France

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    Passion is a Petite friendly 3/4 length woman winter coat. Made in 100% French wool, it will keep you warm all winter long.


    Petite-friendly coatFrench wool and fabricsMade in France




    Designed for Petite women

    If you can hem pants, adjusting a coat is much more complicated. It costs almost as much as buying a second one. And sometimes, it is even impossible.
    A buttonhole can not be moved. A sleeve can hardly be cut because of the lining and a collar cannot be redone.

    The three quarter coats exude a real chic and are very practical. We can put them on a dress as well as on pants. Yet, it is difficult to find some when you are Petite. That’s why we imagined a three quarter coat adapted to the silhouette of Petite women. Proportions and design have been completely designed to flatter short body types. 

    manteau pensé pour les femmes petites
    manteau passion gris

    Adapted measures

    For this coat, all dimensions have been adjusted to perfectly fit a woman with a small silhouette.

    Be it the shoulder length, the  sleeves or the overall length, everything has been studied and redesigned to obtain the perfect fit. No less than 5 prototypes were necessary to develop it.

    A fitted coat for a slimer and taller silhouette

    This coat is very fitted It refines and highlights the feminine curves of the silhouette.

    On top of that, it marks the waistline and makes you slightly taller.

    manteau trois quart taille Petite
    manteau trois quart avec une doublure rose

    Elegance and Passion everyday

    The coat is the one piece of clothing that we wear all autumn and all winter. A beautiful coat can easily turn an outfit into a chic one, even if you are wearing jeans and sneakers underneath. In addition to that, it is one of the first things you notice when you see someone and it can say a lot about you.

    That’s why we named it Passion.
    Because our passions largely define who we are.
    And because we are the best version of ourselves when we do what we love.
    Like this coat we wear everywhere, let your passions bring out the best of you wherever you go.

    Passion-ately Yours

    The details that truly make a difference

    Strong and structured

    The thermo-adhesive is an invisible material that gives all the garment all its structure. It’s the piece that holds everything together.

    Not only does it bring structure to a piece of clothing, but it also enhances its beauty and makes it last longer.

    col souple du manteau passion beige
    Doublure colorée du manteau Passion

    Soft and Colorful lining

    The soft lining of this coat is made from a beautiful blend of viscose and acetate.

    We purposefully picked a very bright and vibrant color to remind you that the inside is as important as the outside and that you should never forget the light that makes you shine.

    Like Golden charms

    The buttons on this coat were tailor-made for this one.

    Composed of a resistant to water and time zamak, they will keep their beautiful golden shimmer even after several years.

    They are stamped with our emblem flower symbolizing ambition and self-confidence.

    Bouton doré du manteau passion
    Poches verticales du manteau Passion

    Vertical Lines

    The coat is notably covered with vertical lines that lengthen and refine the silhouette.

    Even the pockets of the coat have been positioned vertically, rather than diagonally as found on most coats, to add verticality to this one. 

    Thanks to all these vertical lines, your silhouette looks more slender and taller.

    Beauty enhancers

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    manteau trois quart pour les femmes petites

    100% Made in France

    100% French Wool

    Rest assured: no animals were injured or mistreated during the operation! The shearing of the sheep is even a necessity to ensure its well-being during the hot season. It is the fleeces of the sheep breeds Ile de France and Bizet that were used to create Passion’s beige Chevron coat wool. As for the grey version, it is obtained thanks to a mixture of fleeces Aure and Campan with those of Merinos of Arles.

    In his workshops in Tarn, in the South of France,Eric Carlier transforms the threads obtained from these fleeces in beautiful warm woolen fabrics. The wool is 100% natural and is undyed. Its delicate patterns and nuances are entirely born of Éric’s weaver’s know-how.

    éric carlier, tisseur de laine français
    manteau passion

    Made in France Quality

    The lining is also French and was woven by a major high-end fabric publisher, the Belinac House, located in central France.
    This lining is not only soft but is also colorful and shimmering.

    The golden buttons of the coat were also created by a French company, specialized in buttons.

    Finally, the thermo-adhesive, the invisible material that gives all its structure to the garment, is created by Lainières de Picardie. And they, as you can imagine, are in Picardie!
    Finally, the coat is carefully sewn in our Parisian workshops.

    What size should you pick ?

    You can refer to our measurement chart below to choose the perfect size for you. Passion is a fitted coat. Also, if you are between 2 sizes or if you like to have loose coats, choose the larger size.

    Size Guide

    (In inches)
    30.3' - 31.5'33.5' - 34.6'
    35.1' - 36.2'36.6' - 37.8'38.2' - 39.4'
    (In inches)
    23.2' - 24.4'26.4' - 27.6'27.9' - 29.1'29.5' - 30.7'31.1' - 32.2'
    (In inches
    33.5' - 34.6'36.6' - 37.8'38.2' - 39.4'39.7' - 40.9'41.3' - 42.6'
    (In cm)
    81 - 8485 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 - 100
    (In cm)
    63 - 6667 - 7071 - 7475 - 7879 - 82
    (In cm)
    89 - 9293 - 9697 - 100101 - 104103 - 108
    pantalon tailleur taille haute taille Petite

    Caroline is 5’2 and wears a size XS.

    Nousseima et passion

    Nousseima is 5’2 and wears a size XS.

    mode après 60 ans

    Nousseima is 5’2 and wears a size M.

    Manteau Passion beige chevron portée par Aretha 1m59 - Taille Petite

    Nousseima is 5’2 and wears a size L.

    Care instructions

    Take care of me and I will keep you warm

    Send Passion to the dry cleaning either before or at the end of the season. 

    And to make it last longer, air it from time to time and avoid putting sharp objects in the pockets.


    Many Thanks to :

    Mike Masamba and éric,our photographers & to our Petite fashion models :
    Aretha, Caroline, Nousseima and Véronique (Vérimage)

    Additional information

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