Lofty, Petite Black Tailored trousers

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Lofty is a timeless cigarette pants. It has been specifically designed for Petite women, who measure less than 5’3. Say goodbye to your tailor!

Petite-friendly pair of trousersFrench high-end fabricsMade in France


The Perfect Petite-Friendly Pants

What is more difficult when you are Petite apart from finding the one pair of pants that do not drag on the floor?

This is why creating the perfect Petite friendly pants was our number 1 objective. To achieve this, we measured hundreds of Petite women After many trials and errors, Lofty was born.

Lofty is a pair of black pants whose leg length has been adapted to fit women who are less than 163cm (5’2) tall.

pantalon tailleur taille Petite
effet combinaison

High Waisted for longer legs

To give the illusion that your legs are longer, nothing beats high-waisted pants.

When you are Petite, you tend to have longer bust and shorter legs. That’s why a high waisted bottom is ideal. It helps to rebalance the proportions and thus give you a more slender silhouette.

Timeless Cigarette Cut

These black pants are a “must-have” of all wardrobes. Lofty can be worn easily at the office, but also at home or on the go with friends or family.

It won’t go out of fashion and you can wear it for years if you take care of it.

Finally, the cigarette cut is a fitted cut that goes very well with small women.

set des téméraires

Lifting you Up

Details that elevate this piece of clothing

Large Pockets

Strangely, on the women’s pants, the pockets are very small.

This is not the case with Lofty! The pockets are large and allow you to carry your essentials easily with you or keep your hands warm!

Colored Lining

Lofty is also lined in half in front and behind to add extra comfort.

The soft lining is purposefully bright and colorful. It reminds you, at all times, that you have within you a strength and a light that no one can extinguish.

Golden Jewel

The Lofty pants are adorned with a small gold jewel on the belt. It was created specifically for us by a French company, specialized in metal accessories and buttons.

It is embellished with our flower which symbolizes ambition and self-alignment.

bijou doré Les Petites Ambitieuses
Détails pantalon noir petite

Haute Couture Seams

The Lofty pants have a discreet slit on the bottom of the pants legs to add a touch of aesthetics and elegance to it.

Finally, the hem of the pants is a tailored hem.

Ethically Made in France

French Wool

Lofty is made of a thin flannel of black wool mixed with a little polyester for structure purposes. It is lined with a soft and colorful fabric made of acetate and polyester.

These fabrics have both been woven by French Silkies weavers located in central France.

pantalon made in france

Made in France Quality

These pants have been sewn by partner Parisian workshops that have been working in fashion and haute couture for more than a decade.

What size should you take?

To know your size, please refer to the table below. Women generally took their usual size. Lofty is particularly suitable for women who have some curves. Please note that for any purchase in the showroom, we offer minor hems or touch-ups that may be necessary.

Size Guide

(In cm)
59 - 6263 - 6667 - 7071 - 7475 - 7879 - 82
(In cm)
85 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 - 100101 - 104105 -108
Taille (FR)323436384042
Tour de taille
(En cm)
59 - 6263 - 6667 - 7071 - 7475 - 7879 - 82
Tour de hanches
(En cm)
85 - 8889 - 9293 - 9697 - 100101 - 104105 -108
Look sport avec pantalon lofty Petite taille
Caroline is 160 cm (5’2) tall. Her measurements are 66 – 91 cm and she is wearing a size 34.
pantalon tailleur taille haute taille Petite
Sandrine is 152 cm (5′) tall.Her measurements are 69 – 87 cm and she is wearing a size 36.
crop top et pantalon petite
Rebecca is 158 cm tall (5’1). Her waist measurement is 71 cm and 93 cm for her hip measurement. She is wearing a size 36.
Manteau Passion beige chevron portée par Aretha 1m59 - Taille Petite
Aretha is 159 cm (5’1) tall. She is wearing a size 42, which is her usual size.

Care Instructions

Be gentle with me and I'll be nice to you too

To make your pants last as long as possible, we recommend washing it in cold water or at 30 degrees maximum and in a washing net.

Since it has a little bit of polyester, this wool does not crease easily. Therefore, you can simply air dry it on a clothes rack or with a hanger.

pantalon cigarette taille petite

Many Thanks to:

Mike Masamba and Éric, our photographers and our Petite Fashion models :
Caroline, Rebecca et Aretha

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